3 Ton Monorail 4 Moving Rope Crane

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What is 1 Ton Electric Monorail 4 Moving Wire Rope Overhead Crane?

Hamale 2 Tons Electric Monorail 4 Moving Rope Overhead Cranes are manufactured on the basis of economic products with domestic and national facilities. The usage area of ​​this segment cranes provides the advantage of safe operation and easy assembly under different loads and conditions. They have a wide range of carrying capacities, operating speeds and insulation properties according to the structural features of the loads to be transported, lifting heights and weights.

How to Choose Capacity:

Secondly, we need to calculate what kind of force we will need. We should consider the total weight of the target load as the force required to move the load upwards. In rope hoists, it is possible to increase the lifting power of the crane by 2 times, 4 times, 6 times. After doing this, we add a minimum 25% additional safety coefficient to the result we find. In this way, we reduce the risk formation at maximum levels and over time.


Our products are suitable for some additional systems that can be added to the fixed equipment with an additional safety device depending on the place and conditions of use. It is offered with an emergency stop button in standard safety equipment (emergency stop) and an electric motor brake. Optional add-on products; Awareness siren and strobe light, motion interrupter switch system, soft start soft stop, fast slow speed adjustment, load interrupter circuit in case of overload, remote control control and protective cabinet.

Attribute nameAttribute value
Capacity (Tonnage)3
Working Classmedium
Enerji VoltajıTrifaze 380 Volt