Electric Windlass Rope Ground Winches

1000 kg Ağır Hizmet Irgat Yer Vİnci
1 Ton Irgat Çekme Vinci
1 Ton Irgat Yer Vinci
2 Ton Irgat Çekme Vinci
Elektrikli Yer Vinci
Elektrikli Yer Vinci
2000 kg Ağır Hizmet Irgat Yer Vİnci
2 Ton Irgat Çekme Vinci
2 Ton Irgat Yer Vİnci  A2/2200Lbs
Picture of 2,5 Tons Electric Horizontal Ground Crane K3/2500
Elektrikli Yer Vinci
Picture of 4 Tons Electric Horizontal Ground Crane K3/4000
2 Ton Irgat Çekme Vinci
Picture of 5 Tons Electric Horizontal Ground Crane K3/5000
2 Ton Irgat Çekme Vinci

What is Electric Windlass Ground Winch?

The electric motor ground cranes we offer with our Hamale brand are designed to change the position of the target load on the horizontal axis or on a constant slope. It is not correct to use the ground cranes for direct load lifting purposes.

We have service classes as heavy duty and light duty.

In the Agar service class, the engine, reducer group, body and rope drum, brake device and the main construction of the capstan are selected according to very intensive usage tolerances and produce results that can meet very intense works for a long time.

The equipment selection and general construction in the light duty class is quite different from the agar service class

What Should We Consider When Choosing Electric Windlass?

Class determination:

It is the parameter that we need to do first. Agar service should be chosen for very busy time works at full capacity load.Light duty is rarely chosen for off-peak time jobs at full load. Our products in this class usually offer an economical solution for low-budget jobs.

How to Choose Capacity:

Secondly, we need to calculate what kind of force we will need. The most common mistake is to think of the total weight of the load as the force required to move the load. However, there are many parameters that affect this. For example, to move X unit mass, the slope is different, in a wheeled car it is different. We need forces. After making the most accurate calculation, we add a minimum of 25% additional safety coefficient to the result we find. In this way, we prevent risk formation over time at optimum levels.


Our products are suitable for some additional systems that can be added to the fixed equipment with an additional safety device depending on the place and conditions of use. It is offered with an emergency stop button in standard safety equipment (emergency stop) and an electric motor brake.Optional add-on products; Awareness siren and strobe light, motion interrupter switch system, soft start soft stop, fast slow speed adjustment, load interrupter circuit in case of overload, remote control control, protective cabin.